Leslie Ellis OTR eRYT500SW Portland Yoga Teachers

Leslie Ellis, OTR, eRYT500

Leslie Ellis has been using yoga to heal for nearly three decades. 
In her yoga practice, Leslie has discovered  personal healing, addressing both anxiety and depression in her 20’s and a significant back injury.  Always drawn to supporting others’ health, she earned her degree in Occupational Therapy and practiced in the field for over 15 years. 
Since 1998 she has been sharing yoga as a healing practice with students in classes and private sessions. She left her formal OT practice in 2001 to expand her education in therapeutic yoga and complete advanced yoga teacher training.
Through all of this, Leslie has developed an approach to yoga instruction that is heartfelt and fun while also being challenging and technically precise. Working primarily with individuals and small groups, Leslie leads students through a discovery process, exploring the capacity of the body, the expansiveness of the heart and the celebration of life through yoga. Leslie is deeply passionate about the influence that yoga can have on all aspects of our lives. It teaches us how to honor ourselves, respect others and live from our hearts. She is grateful to all of her yoga teachers which include those she actively studies with and all of the students who share their practice and lives with her.

Interested in how private or small group yoga might benefit you? Or know someone who might benefit from yoga therapy?
Leslie offers a complimentary consultation to assist you to explore your specific needs and desires and to design a yoga program that addresses exactly that!

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