Yarley_NystromYarley Nystrom, L.M.T.
Portland Massage Therapist



Yarley Nystrom, L.M.T., has been providing exceptional Massage Therapy in his private practice since 2004. Serious soft-tissue injuries received in an auto accident prompted Yarley to seek pain relief and healing through Massage Therapy. With his recovery he realized that his experience would help him understand and empathize with his future clients.

While injury rehabilitation and pain management are areas of expertise in his practice, he has a gentle, focused touch, enabling him to tailor your massage to your individual needs. Modalities he uses include Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Gua Sha, Cupping and Hot Stone Massage. His goal is to return each client to a state of homeostasis, balance, and vibrant, pain-free living!

Whether you are seeking a deeply relaxing full-body massage, or focused treatment for pain relief or injury rehabilitation, Yarley’s knowledge and passionate dedication bring you the exceptional care you desire.

Yarley is a preferred provider on many insurance plans.  Please check your benefits to see if you have coverage.

To discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 503-297-3825, or speak with Yarley directly at 503.756.9076 or via email.

Massage Package Special:

Yarley offers a special package rate on 60 minute massages!  Pay for 5 massages, and get the 6th one FREE.
$400.00 for six simply amazing massages.  Payment is due on your first session of the package.

Recovery from Injury

Yarley handled my course of treatment with attention and professionalism.  He stayed in tune with how recovery was progressing, and made adjustments as needed along the way.  His willingness to share stretches helped maximize my recovery results.  I still use them regularly to maintain flexibility.  Thumbs up for the music selections while he works too! –D.W.

Yarley_Nystrom2Car Accident Pain Relieved with Massage

It has been a long recovery journey since my car accident last year.  After seeing multiple massage therapists, I found the perfect fit with Yarley.  His experience definitely shines through with all the knowledge and technique he brings to the table.  Since receiving treatment from Yarley, I have been able to manage my pain and live comfortably once again! –M.V.

Priceless: Being Pain Free!

I have been to a few different places for a massage in the past, but nowhere compares to the service I received at Jade River.  Yarley Nystrom is extremely educational with his information; he asked questions, provided answers to my questions, and verbally prepared me for what to expect during the massage process. He explained to me why I was experiencing pain and gave me some credible tips on how to eliminate the pain.  He truly cares about his clients and holds them in the highest regard.  After just two sessions with him, I have made wonderful progress toward my life of painlessness. The services are very acceptable in price range as well.  Even if you think that you can’t afford it, you might reconsider the worthiness of being pain free; it’s priceless! –K.W.

Maintain Quality of Life Through Massage

I have known Yarley for years as a friend and professionally.  He takes special care of his patients with his strong hands and knowledge of the human body.  Through his work on me he has solved many aches and pains in my aging body.  I will continue my regular sessions with Yarley to ensure a quality of life as I age. –A.L.