Sandy McQueen, M.A.


SW Portland MELT Method and Pilates Instructor

Sandy’s love for physical movement and creative ways of exploring the inner world of energy and the outer world of form began quite early in life.  She graduated with both a BA and MA in Dance from Mills College in 1980. While performing in San Francisco she became a massage therapist (1977-2003), a student of Tai Chi and a Jin Shin Do and Trager practitioner.  

Coming back to her home town of Portland, she began to pursue her training in Pilates with full certifications in Mat and All Apparatus from the Pilates Institute (currently PhysicalMind) in Santa Fe. For the past 20 years she has helped grow the Multnomah Athletic Club’s Pilates department and introduced CoreAlign and the Melt Method to their program.  

For nearly 5 years Sandy has been teaching MELT Hand/Foot, Foam Roller (Length), Half Roller Curriculum for Pilates and NeuroStrength. MELT is the perfect addition to Sandy’s way of supporting, encouraging and empowering individuals toward better health, greater body awareness and pain free efficiency of movement.

MELT is a wonderful way for the individual to take control of their own healing with at home practice.  It is also a very good preparatory modality to hydrate and release the body before yoga, Pilates and any other athletic activity…or easing oneself into restful sleep.

MELT provides the tools and techniques that enable everyone to move inward, release stuck stress and emerge with a greater sense of lightness, freedom and well being.

Sandy is available for both one on one and small group personal instruction in both MELT and  Pilates Mat.
You can book online or call our office at 503-297-3825 for more info or to book with our front office staff.