Dorothy Schock, Esthetician

This isn’t your average facial!Dorothy Schock picture

Dorothy is passionate about life and being a well-balanced happy person. Her clients feel this happiness during all her treatments. She believes in treating everyone with love, kindness and respect. Dorothy enjoys watching her children become beautiful adults, walking with her dogs, and making her clients skin glow.

Dorothy decided to become an Esthetician after receiving her first facial. Her children gave her a facial as a Mother’s Day gift. The Esthetician was bored and did not listen to her. As Dorothy walked away she was thinking about her bad experience, and she realized that she wanted to become an Esthetician so that she could provide exceptional skin care and an experience of excellence, care, and nurturing.  Dorothy prides herself on providing the best experience for all her clients by listening to them, attending to their needs, and making them feel beautiful.

After carefully researching various schools in the Portland area, Dorothy chose Euro Institute of Skin Care. Euro Institute is recognized as one of the premier esthetics schools in North America. Its holistic, naturopathic emphasis makes it one-of-a-kind. The 750-hour curriculum not only focuses on skin, but how every organ in the body is connected to one another. Euro Institute uses Vèra Botania product line, the same product line that Dorothy uses today. Dorothy continues her education today by learning about new innovations in skin care to keep her clients up-to-date about their skin care needs.

Over the years, Dorothy has learned the importance of listening carefully to her clients:  by doing this she is able to provide skin care that is unique to each client and makes them feel beautiful.  She is always amazed by the glowing changes in her client’s skin.  Dorothy cares about her clients and looks forward to helping you feel BEAUTIFUL!

Dorothy’s facials are a delightful addition to any of our other services at Jade River.  Indulge yourself!

To schedule an appointment with Dorothy, please book online, or call our front office at 503-297-3825.
You may also contact her via email.

You can also view Dorothy’s own website here.