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Petra Caruso ND

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Dr. Petra Caruso, N.D. is dedicated to helping patients discover the underlying cause of their symptoms and helping them to remove the obstacles to cure. This allows the body to regain balance, necessary for deep healing to occur. She has an unshakable core belief that health is achievable for all of us and with the proper guidance and dedication, everyone can live in balance and enjoy the many benefits of better health and energy.

My areas of focus are Women and Men’s Health, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling, Mental Health and Mind/Body Medicine. My typical patient has not gotten anywhere with mainstream medicine and usually has a myriad of symptoms/complaints that don’t fit a specific box. Together, we look underneath the symptoms to the cause of your illness, and then craft a treatment plan that works for you.

While naturopathic medicine has many tools available, Dr. Petra’s focus for the past decade has been largely on nutrition. Using the tools of a thorough history and physical exam, laboratory analyses and questionnaires, she works closely with patients to identify deficiencies and excesses in diet. Many people know they should eat better and have vague understandings of food groups and vitamins. Often, however, there is great confusion about what is truly healthy and patients often become overwhelmed by the many diets, plans and supplements available. Dr. Petra meets patients where they are in their health journey, focuses on the priorities so as not to overwhelm, and helps the patient to understand their choices and to feel motivated to make changes. This brings about improvement in how the patient feels and functions, and allows them to feel empowered and responsible for their healthy choices, which is more likely to bring about lasting change.

Dr. Petra Caruso is a 2006 graduate of National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon, and a Portland native. She opened Woodstock Natural Health Clinic in 2007 and soon built a thriving and busy practice. She sold the practice to two physicians in 2015 and took a 7-month sabbatical during which time she completed a certificate in Trauma-Informed Services through Portland State University’s Graduate School of Counseling. This certification has deepened her understanding of trauma recovery. Combined with hormonal balancing, nutritional support and lifestyle coaching, counseling allows her to assist patients with a wide variety of mental/emotional challenges and trauma history.

In her spare time Dr. Petra enjoys dance and yoga classes, meditation, travel, reading and writing. She prioritizes spending time in the healing power of Nature with her cattle dog Stella, a graduate of the Oregon Humane Society’s Pet Therapy Program. Dr. Petra is making valiant efforts to reconnect with her childhood musical instrument — the accordion. She recently moved from her long-term quadrant of SE Portland to the Maplewood neighborhood in SW and is greatly enjoying experiencing Portland from a new perspective.

Dr. Petra is thrilled to join Jade River, where she sees patients on Sundays and Mondays (yes, you can see your doctor on Sunday!).

You can book appointments by calling our office at: 503-297-3825 or book online.

Most insurance accepted, including: LifeWise, United HealthCare, First Choice, AXIS, BCBS/Regence, Providence, AETNA, HealthNet, CIGNA, PacificSource, MODA.  Dr. Petra will also help you manage injuries resulting Motor Vehicle Accidents.