Naturopathic and Primary Care Medicine

First Naturopathic Visit

Your initial visit (60-90 minutes) will consist of a detailed medical history as well as a comprehensive physical exam so that we may best determine treatment approaches. You may receive lab orders for blood, saliva, stool or urine testing, to more fully understand the causes of your symptoms.  A treatment plan usually starts on the first visit, which may include customized diet strategy, herbal medicines, or self-care suggestions. Depending on the complexity of your health concerns, multiple visits may be required in order to fully ascertain how to best treat your particular condition.

Dr. Chikako partners with you to create sustainable treatment options to help achieve your goal of vibrant health.

Continuing Care Naturopathic Visits

After your initial comprehensive visit, the follow up visits (15-60 minutes) are focused on reviewing lab results, and checking in about your response to the treatment plan.  We will continue to refine your therapies to help you progress towards your health goals!  We collaborate with you to create your ideal plan of action, using nutrition, diet, herbal medicines, bodywork, hydrotherapy, stress relief techniques, and counseling, with prescriptive pharmaceutical medications as needed.