MeditationMeditation helps with the stress and overwhelm of modern life.  While it may feel like there isn’t time to meditate, the process of doing so, even for 10 or 15 minutes per day, often “gives” us more time by helping foster a calmer, more focused mind.  Meditation can also help us understand our own mind.  We can learn to transform negative mind states to positive ones, and cultivate greater empathy, compassion (for others and self), and appreciation of life’s beauty and promise.

There are many forms of meditation, and they aren’t necessarily affiliated with specific spiritual or religious traditions.  There are forms which help create specific states of focus.  There are forms that offer a “wide open” view of what is in the moment.  There are forms which cultivate specific states of mind, such as gratitude, compassion, joy or equanimity.

At Jade River, Dawn-Starr Crowther brings 20 years of meditation experience and practice to her instruction, which can be tailored for your specific issues and goals.

She is also a certified teacher for the Stanford University’s School of Medicine CCARE program, teaching their Compassion Cultivation Training course (a 9 week course focused on the development and enhancement of compassion for self and others).