Massage Therapy: Jin Shin Do®

Jin Shin Do, which literally means “way of the compassionate spirit”, is a unique blend of traditional Japanese acupressure techniques, Chinese medical theory, and Taoist breathing and meditative techniques developed by Iona Marsaa Teeguarden, M.A., L.M.F.C.C. Acupressure refers to any technique in which pressure is applied to specific points on the body, called acu-points, using the fingertips. Jin Shin Do is a specific form of acupressure in which gentle finger pressure is applied to the acu-points in specific “treatment flows” using powerful combinations of points which act to release muscular tension or “armoring” which obstructs the natural flow of energy through the body.


Because the body and mind are truly interconnected, as researchers are discovering more and more each day, using techniques such as Jin Shin Do to release physical tension and restore energy flow can also have profound effects on one’s mental and emotional state of being. Recipients of regular Jin Shin Do treatment frequently report feeling more able to release and deal with pent-up frustration, anger, anxiety and other “negative” emotions in their lives to achieve a calmer, more peaceful, relaxed and joyful way of being in the world.

Jin Shin Do is performed with the patient relaxing comfortably on a massage table in a room that is kept at a comfortable temperature. It is best to remove jewelry, belts and the like during treatment and to wear thin comfortable clothing such as a long-sleeve T-shirt and stretch pants or sweats so that the practitioner can better feel the state of the body’s musculature and energy flow during treatment. Most patients find Jin Shin Do very relaxing and will sometimes report experiencing a flow of energy that feels like pleasant “tingling” or “streaming”. Jin Shin Do can be used as preventive therapy to maintain good health or as an adjunctive therapy for virtually any condition as its effects are to assist the patient in releasing stress and balancing energy – things which help to promote the body’s own self-healing mechanisms.