Kayci Cavenah, RYT 500

SW Portland Yoga Teachers

Kayci Cavenah,
RYT500, eRYT 200, YACEP

Kayci has been dedicated to yoga since the mid 1970’s. She began studying and practicing yoga asanas in 1993 and her passion for the physical benefits of yoga and awe of its power to transform one’s consciousness is the ground and well-spring of her dedication to teaching. Though yoga is thousands of years old, its deep roots continues to feed and sustain us today, and for that Kayci is tremendously grateful. Her teaching style changes to meet the individual student where they are: sometimes with a vigorous practice; sometimes with softer movements and a sense of inquisitiveness and exploration; and often with a restorative, healing focus on letting go. She empowers her clients to listen with compassion to their body, to move with intention and precision–and most importantly–to feel whole in body, mind and spirit.

Kayci is also an Ayurvedic Yoga Consultant. Ayurveda–an ancient science from India and a sister science to Yoga–promotes health in the body and balance in the mind through various practices, including meditation, yoga asanas targeting specific organ systems, breathwork, pulse-reading and marma therapy with essential oils. These practices and other lifestyle practices combine to help us live in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of nature. They are a form of preventative medicine, allowing us to prevent or repair disease in a way that helps us to build strength and hardiness and to maintain balance. A central focus of Ayurveda is the individual constitution and working with diet to fine-tune the digestive system so that the body becomes a natural detoxification machine. When the digestive system is functioning optimally it works at a cellular level to take nutrients in and shed or release toxins, bringing balance and a heightened sense of health and wellbeing. Who doesn’t want that?

Combining yoga and Ayurveda provides a path of self-care that cooperates with and enhances other healing modalities. This dynamic combination has provided Kayci with an exceptional toolkit of techniques and skills to assist clients in building a lifestyle of comfort in the body and ease in the mind. Kayci is grateful for the opportunity to help guide and inspire others through their own experience of well-being.

Interested in how private or small group yoga or Ayurveda might benefit you? Or know someone who might benefit from yoga therapy? I can tailor a program for your specific needs. Let me help you become more comfortable in your own skin.

Kayci offers a complimentary consultation to assist you to explore your specific needs and desires and to design a yoga program that addresses exactly that!


Call to schedule at Jade River, 503.297.3825 or contact Kayci directly at 503-260-1598 to schedule a consultation or session.  You can also book your space in her classes here.