Karen Martin, Reflexology / Reiki

Karen Martin ARCB, Portland Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner

“I have been a Reflexologist and Reiki practitioner for 14 years, working with clients who have come with a wide variety of health issues:  from those seeking deeper relaxation and stress relief, to those seeking greater recovery from severe illnesses such as a stroke.  Each person comes with concerns unique to their experience and my work specializes in meeting each person exactly where they are in their journey.  My sessions are focused on guiding the whole body to re-connect back to its innate ability to heal and can be tailored to include areas of emphasis on particular issues that offer additional support for greater balance. The body is deeply assisted in staying in balance as well.”

Karen completed her Reflexology and Reiki certification in New York in 1999 and is  nationally board certified in Reflexology (ARCB) since 2002.  Karen is a Reiki II Practitioner, in the Usui tradition. She has been a professional sculptor for more years than she has been involved in the holistic health field, and this passion for creating art eventually guided her desire to offer Reflexology and Reiki to others. Reflexology and Reiki can be combined in one session.

“I believe that art of all kinds has the ability to touch lives and have an uplifting effect in our world. I also believe bodywork can make an essential difference in our capacity to heal and harmonize.”

Karen continues to attend seminars and training to stay in tune with current developments in the field. She volunteers with NWRA at Providence Medical Center in the Stroke Rehabilitation Unit.
Her credentials include: American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) Member of Oregon Reflexology Network (ORN), Reflexology Association of America (RAA), and Northwest Reiki Association (NWRA). B.F.A. in Sculpture and Fiber Arts from Syracuse University.

To schedule an appointment, please call our office at 503-297-3825 or speak with Karen directly at 516-770-5985. You may also reach her via email, at the link on this page.