Jenny Chapleau, L.M.T. Massage for Women

Jenny has always been captivated by the human body.  As a lover of dance, yoga, life drawing and sculpting of the human form, she found studying massage therapy to be a natural part of her progression.  Becoming a mother of two beautiful girls was one of the next experiences that transformed her life completely. That transformation began with becoming pregnant, which she found exceptionally magical, as she felt the most connected to her body, mind and spirit she ever had.  Jenny uses that experience and intuition to help heal, balance and restore those that come to her table.

Jenny invites you to come to her table to celebrate you…at this time in your life, whatever phase of woman-hood you are in: from girlhood to motherhood to wisdom-hood. She offers space for any woman seeking to nurture, relax, rejuvenate, connect and honor herself and the divine feminine within. Pregnancy, Swedish, Swedish gymnastics, abdominal work, and massage to help with menstrual pain, fertility and pregnancy-related pain,  post-natal depression, energy work and chakra balancing are just a few of her areas of focus. Each session is tailored to your specific needs at that specific moment. She looks forward to sharing this time and space of healing with you.

Call our office at 503-297-3825 or go online to schedule your appointment with Jenny!

Jenny does not participate in any insurance panels.