Fitness Training for Health

fitnesstrainingWorking with a Certified Fitness Trainer that is also your Licensed Massage Therapist is a very useful addition to your health-care plan. Once the practitioner knows your health history and how massage therapy has helped in the past, they can give you personal guidelines to better your healing, increase your physical strength and flexibility and increase your overall health.

This is a gentle, well-balanced approach to health. You are given specific movements and guided through each one at your pace, always allowing for where you are in your healing process.

If you are dealing with an injury or recovery from an illness or surgery, your exercises will be specific to improving that condition.

If you are generally healthy but would like to improve in a particular area, you will be taken through a series of movements that will address your interests.

Setting Fitness Goals

There are many different ways to achieve your fitness goals. You will be shown ways to incorporate these activities into your daily life that can fit into your personal schedule.

Some techniques that may be incorporated include:

  • Gentle movement/yoga
  • Rejuvenation techniques
  • Modification of daily activities; walking, standing, sitting
  • Strengthening you core muscles with gentle techniques
  • Movement and posture awareness and alignment

Come and enjoy the feeling of moving better!