Ayurvedic_MedicineAyurveda is a holistic system of healing which evolved in ancient India with roots more than 5000 years ago. It focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than focusing on individual symptoms. It recognizes the unique constitutional differences, strengths and challenges of all individuals and therefore recommends different regimens for different people. Although two people may appear to have the same symptoms, their energetic constitutions may be very different and therefore call for very different remedies. Ayurveda assists the individual by promoting harmony internally, within the individual and externally, within the environment and social spheres. Ayurveda seeks to restore wholeness and harmony to people through proper nutrition, lifestyle, breathing, and yoga.

Kayci Cavenah, RYT 500 offers Ayurvedic Yoga therapies at Jade River, and crafts your sessions to meet your unique needs. From time-to-time, we also offer special Ayurvedic events, meals, and other opportunities at our clinic.