Acupuncture Services

Individual Acupuncture Treatment

First Acupuncture Visit

In your initial visit, we thoroughly review your health history, 20140310_jaderiver_127-3119322414-Oask
detailed questions to understand your needs, perform relevant exams–and together–formulate your personal medical treatment plan.  Length varies based on complexity of your health history, but is typically about 2 hours in length, and includes your first acupuncture treatment.

Continuing Care Acupuncture Visits

In subsequent visits we implement your personalized treatment plan, with progress review and continuing acupuncture care. Actual treatment duration is 60-75 minutes, depending on your needs, and additional therapies that may be incorporated into your visit, such as moxibustion, cupping, gua sha, application of heat, Tuina, Shiatsu or other forms of bodywork.

Community Acupuncture

We offer community acupuncture, with a maximum of 6 participants, that allows individualized affordable care. Our group acupuncture is focused on the treatment of chronic pain, fertility, stress reduction, weight loss, and more. Acupuncture in this setting is performed with you fully clothed, reclining in one of our comfortable loungers. Points are used on the arms, legs, head and ears. Fewer points are used, and there is less talking and intake, than in individual acupuncture visits. Guided imagery, music, and other modalities may also be included in our group acupuncture. Many people find that receiving treatment in a group setting provides a sense of support, compassion, and kinship that enhances their healing experience. Group acupuncture may not be billed to insurance.