Chicken or Tofu Soup for Health in Cold and Flu Season

Tofu Soup- cook for your life- anti-cancer recipes

One of our favorite winter time rituals at Jade River is making soup with Chinese herbs to promote health in cold & flu season.  We obtain our packets of these tasty and nutritious herbs from the Institute for Traditional Medicine here in Portland.  They package pure herbs in an easy-to-use packet that you can customize for your own preferences, using either chicken or tofu, and whatever vegetables you prefer.  We have suggestions attached to the packet, for your ease.

Recently, one of our Licensed Massage Therapists tried a packet of the soup for the first time.  Here’s what she had to say:

Just when I thought that Soup could not get any healthier or more fulfilling in the Fall and Winter; I was pleased to discover this soup mix!  The herbs in this soup help boost your immune system when you are starting to feel a cold coming on, or if you are already experiencing less than vibrant health. The moment I put the spoon to my mouth and swallowed the yummy goodness of broth and herbs and vegetables and basil and egg (I did not have any chicken around) and I could feel my body relax and gentle energy surge throughout my immune system, and lungs and whole body.  Delicious!

Many of us keep a packet on hand at home so that we can make a pot of soup at a moments’ notice, should we, or a family member need an immune boost.  This soup is excellent for helping people recover after illness of any kind.

We sell the soup packet for $16.00 in our pharmacy.

Please be aware that prior to the use of this product, persons with auto-immune conditions should consult with their health care provider about whether the herbs in this soup are appropriate for them.