Acupuncture at Jade River: our philosophy of care

Acupuncture at Jade River: our philosophy of care

When you choose where to go for your care many things are important: location, fit with the provider(s), trust, cost of care, availability of appointments, and practitioner experience with your health issue. Recently, I was chatting with a patient about our philosophy of care in our Acupuncture group at Jade River, and realized I should share it with you.

Jade River Acupuncture functions as a group practice, and one of the main reasons we do so is to be available when YOU need us to be! Life doesn’t happen 9-5, and most folks are busy working, taking care of family members, going to school, and living busy, full lives during those hours. What happens if you’ve injured yourself and need immediate care? Or you’ve got a migraine headache and want relief? You can see any of our acupuncturists 7 days/week, and know that your care will be delivered with skill and compassion. We have evening and weekend hours (and very soon, early morning hours!) so that you can get care when you need it.

One of the reasons I chose to have a group practice at Jade River is because it allows us to deliver better care. Our practice treats many people with severe pain, chronic health challenges, and problems that haven’t responded well to standard allopathic care. Acting as a cohesive team with a shared mission allows us to foster teamwork that brings forth the best each of us has to offer, adopt innovation in your care, and achieve the best outcomes for you.

I am fortunate to work with wonderful colleagues at Jade River: Amara Narten, who has been in our practice for three years, and our newest colleague, Betsy Gordon. Both are intelligent, curious and astute practitioners and highly skilled in the delivery of our medicine and care. When you see another provider within our team, we are continuing your treatment plan, knowing your preferences, and your history. In addition, we bring a fresh approach to treatment. Each of our Acupuncture providers uniquely experience and embody this medicine and practice in subtly different ways.

We know that sometimes patients really like working with “their” acupuncturist, and we always support your choice of provider. We also invite you to understand these advantages as our practice grows so that we can better serve you, your family and friends and our community.

We look forward to serving in your health care! Dawn-Starr Crowther, L.Ac., Clinic Owner