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Feng Shui in the Walls on Week 5

This week, a lot is happening at Jade River’s new home…Most importantly, the walls and ceilings are being filled with foam insulation (for sound-proofing), and the DRYWALL goes up!  Now we will be able to really “feel” the new space, and envision our new work home (and your new healing home)! When I purchased this […]

IKEA Confab Part I

Over Thanksgiving weekend, several good friends (Jeff Handy and Marie Lilly), my husband (Dave Eshbaugh), and one of our providers (Michele Wren, LMT) convened to “start” to put together some of the 53 separate cabinets ordered from Ikea for the new clinic.  Yowzah… Here’s where we got to…26 DOWN!  27 TO GO! Michele lends her expertise […]

Happy Holidays from Jade River!

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy Holiday Season and New Year! From all the Jade River practitioners.

Middle of Week Three:  We turn the corner from De-struction to Construction

Middle of Week Three: We turn the corner from De-struction to Construction

Hello:  On the job site this morning, and after the crazy whirlwind of Monday’s over-the-top de-struction, it is clear we’ve rounded the first bend, and are now on the path of con-struction! Having been through several large remodels in the past, there’s always a day when you walk through the job and think…”This place will […]

Week Three off to the races at the new Jade River!

This morning started the third week of work on our clinic remodeling, and what a morning it was! When I arrived, there were so many trades on the jobsite that it was hard to get into the parking lot:1.  Concrete cutting (through the basement wall for window in one of the massage rooms, and in […]

Dr. Daivati shares her views of our new clinic.

Hi all, this is Dr. Daivati here, blogging for the first time in many months!  It’s such a joy to watch the transformation of the new clinic space over the past few weeks.  It’s all happening so quickly!   What started off as a well-used property, is now getting a complete makeover and fresh start. […]

MORE Progress at end of Week Two!

Went by the office yesterday to check on a few things, and found much progress had been made on Friday! Our doors and windows arrived!  Parr Lumber turned this order around in less than two weeks!  Thanks, Parr Lumber! The view from inside Juleen’s new front office palace. Waiting room is through the window on […]

Week Two! Yowzah!

So…today I pulled into the new Jade River parking lot, and this is what I saw… Our parking lot completely full with contractor’s trucks…HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Concrete, Insulation, Landscaping….and our General Contractors.  LOTS of work being done! Hats off to Sunset Construction and Sunrise Construction for keeping our project moving forward on schedule on such […]

I hit the wall with detail overload!

 It wasn’t until the end of the day on Wednesday, that Dr. Daivati pointed out that I’d been working all day with my name tag on upside down!  I think it was so I could remember who I was!  Yikes!  We all had to have a good laugh!

Preparing for construction: Dawn-Starr and Amara at the clinic

During the weeks we were waiting (interminably) for our building permit, Amara and I spent an afternoon removing dated soffits, window coverings, and hardware from the clinic.  This records our fun that afternoon! Look out!  We’ve got the power tools in our hands! That’s me (Dawn-Starr)taking down the wooden soffits over the windows in our large upstairs […]